All Change!

The first hint of spring was in the air and the shooting season was over at last.  Major Snuffy had called all the Ruthven animals and the shooting season refugees together to make their final reports before the Pax Ruthviana, the annual shooting season peace treaty, formally ended for another year.    Mrs Prickles, theContinue reading “All Change!”

The Snow Baby

There was a crisp coating of frost on the orchard and a layer of thick grey ice on the top pond.    Hamish, Angus and Elsie were standing on the small bridge throwing pebbles onto the ice and watching them skitter and slide away, bouncing off the frosted tops of the waterlily buds caught byContinue reading “The Snow Baby”

The Summer Residents

The afternoon sun had dried up the morning rain and it was steamy hot.   Down at the pond Big Magda was holding court as usual. All around the banks of the pond the soil seemed to be quivering restlessly. A thousand tiny froglets were scuttling and hopping to and fro, under the watchful eyesContinue reading “The Summer Residents”

Lily Learns to fetch

“Will you just look at that dog” declared Snuffy witheringly,  “It hasn’t the remotest idea.”    Pingu opened one eye and yawned.    Snuffy was sitting on the back of the bedroom chair watching Hamish and Lily playing down in the orchard.   Sighing, in the certain knowledge that if he did not get offContinue reading “Lily Learns to fetch”

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