The Summer Residents

The afternoon sun had dried up the morning rain and it was steamy hot.   Down at the pond Big Magda was holding court as usual. All around the banks of the pond the soil seemed to be quivering restlessly. A thousand tiny froglets were scuttling and hopping to and fro, under the watchful eyesContinue reading “The Summer Residents”

The Duck Patrol

Queen Lizzie leaned back on her lily pad and surveyed her new home.   Yes, it was all rather excellent, plenty of room for the jelly babies to grow, no pesky newts.  (That was only a matter of time she thought though, Nippy’s,  tiddlers got everywhere…..) A good selection of  water lilies too (it wouldContinue reading “The Duck Patrol”

New Beginnings

It was spring. Life and colour had returned to the bottom pond at Ruthven.  All around the margins daffodils were nodding and birds were chattering avidly in the nearby trees.  The stepping stones over the stream were warm in the early sun. Leaning back on the biggest stepping stone Big Magda was holding court.  AroundContinue reading “New Beginnings”

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